Lisa Tate - Retired Compliance Officer / Notary Public

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"Boss Women has increased my awareness on healthier alternatives!"

I worked in Finance for 15 years as a Compliance Officer for an investment firm.  It was at that time that I became a Notary Public.  After I retired, I chose to continue being a Notary Public and started my own business.  

I've always felt that I was a vessel being used by God, helping others in their time of need.  This might explain why I am really passionate about and have always wanted to work with children with special needs.  I am currently pursuing degrees in Human Development and a certificate for working with children with special needs.

In 2012, after the loss of my husband (and only two months of marriage), I started the Andre Tate Foundation, a Christian-based Non-Profit organization concerned with civic-minded men and women with desires to create a climate of encouragement and a positive environment for our youth.  It wasn't too long after this (in 2016) that I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and treated successfully.  I am happy to say that I am a breast cancer survivor.  I believe, that among other factors, environmental risk factors contributed to my breast cancer.  

Being a part of Boss Women further educated me and made me aware of everything I put in, on, and around my body and how there are healthier alternatives to consider.