Andrea Hughes - Teacher, Deaf and Hard of Hearing


"Boss Women has made me eager to empower others!"

Growing up in Chicago, I was the daughter of a self-made business owner. He instilled in me and my sisters the need for entrepreneurship and multiple streams of income. As a teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing for many years, I never found an avenue to fulfill that legacy. When I found this fabulous company, I still did not connect it to creating another stream of income. For me, it was the culmination of a long search for a healthier home/family. It became so easy for me to spread the news about the gift of health that I had received.  Little did I know that just by shopping and sharing, I would generate residual income that would completely change my life.

Fifteen years later, I am still a teacher/mentor. Not only to children, but also to those who have been on a search for something to help them create a better life for their family. I can give testimony about the healthier life my family has enjoyed. I am also a testimony to how being empowered through this company has gotten me through some really tough times that life has thrown my way. It is because of this journey, I can say I have become a Boss Woman eager to empower others.